Thursday, November 13, 2008

Moving the Body Politic

The show closes this weekend. We've made it through the long election season and have arrived at a fascinating moment in history.

Join us Sunday November 16th from 2-5 to celebrate the small actions and grand heroics that moves the body politic.

Bring something you’ve written, read, or continually referenced since election night. We will be sharing ideas, making art, and continuing to take it out of the gallery and into our streets, homes, and communities. We'll be doing activities that engage our minds, bodies and creativity and result in action lists, a 'zine, and plans for future gatherings.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Post election events begin this weekend

A lot to consider in this incredible moment. The election of our first black president is amazing and at the same time thousands of folks have taken to the streets here in California protesting the results of Prop 8.
In LA, everyone gathered in front of the Mormon church in Westwood, celebrating the sanctity of marriage between one man and as many women as he wants.
How do we talk about these two events without collapsing black civil rights movements and the right for same sex couples to marry as the same struggles?
And did you check out our new first lady proudly wearing the black and red? Viva la revolucion!
Hang out with us the next couple of weekends to consider all of this and more.

Saturday November 8th -- 8pm
FOCUS: The Culmination
Interactive Multimedia Presentation, with Dance Party

Over the summer, Jeff Foye and Gordon Winiemko were commissioned by a progressive arts organization to do a piece about "participation in the political process."
Their response was to emulate one of the most ubiquitous forums for participation our society has to offer — the focus group.

Now, after a summer of surveying the opinions and preferences of the Los Angeles progressive arts demographic, Jeff and Gordon culminate this performative research project with an interactive multimedia presentation and dance party -- the latter courtesy DJ Troll Baby.

Saturday November 9th — 6pm
Violations and Obfuscations

Videos produced over the past eight years that revolve around themes of political and democratic process and violations of either under the current administration.
Curated by Nancy Popp as a part of The Audacity of Desperation and Habeas Lounge

Paul Chan
RE: THE OPERATION, 2002 (excerpts)

Hillary Mushkin
As We Go On, 2005; Animated Drawings, 2008

Nabawia Jane El-Soudani
Human Beings, 2004

John Davis
Between Subjects, 2003

Nancy Popp and Serena Wellen
United States Code Section 2340A, 2007

Jessica Lawless and Von Edwards
Dick!, 2007

Martha Rosler
Prototype (God Bless America), 2006

Mark Boswell
The End of Copenhagen, 2004

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Anjali Taneja interviewed us on
The full interview is here

Pictures from LA opening